We are so excited to be able to announce the inclusion of family and lifestyle sessions, just in time for Sydney to open back up to the world! We know that some of you have had to wait a long time to be able to see your loved ones, whether they’re immediate or extended family, and it’s been heartbreaking to see the effects of distance take its toll on some people.

So to celebrate the reunion of families being able to shower each other with love and long, warm, airport style hugs, why not have a family reunion with Flavell Studios and immortalise these moments forever.

Family – The people in your life who are close to your heart, bring out the best in you, who laugh, celebrate, and dream with you. Who love you infinitely.

Experience a family session that is fun for the kids, that will be a fond memory for them, and yourself. We focus on the kids, Mum and Dad, individual portraits of each member and also the family as a whole. We don’t do boring here, reimagine family photos to be a fun day out together to create genuine moments, that will be fond memories to look back on through your photos.

Until the 7th of November, we are offering a celebratory introductory discount of 20% off all of our family specific packages. This discount does not apply for any other services offered by Flavell Studios.