Of all the love stories that we’ve witnessed, here is a small collection of those so far.

The journey for Flavell Studios starts with Shennen (that’s me!), where I freelanced for myself and other wedding photographers since 2015, and in 2019 the stars aligned and I started shooting for Russell Stafford Photography. Since then I’ve become not only his go to Second Photographer, but I am now also his Senior Associate Photographer. The portfolio of images you’re about to scroll through is the work I’ve shot while working under my now good friend, Russell Stafford, the edits are by yours truly and what you can expect when you book Flavell Studios. As I start this new venture in 2021 to begin a brand of my own, I can’t wait to update this space with more and more work of people in love, who trust me to capture one of the biggest moments of their lives. I can’t wait to be able to give you lasting memories to look back on, not only in your lifetime, but the generations you leave behind you… I’m here to help you tell your love story, the way you intend for it to be told. Authentically and genuinely ‘You’.